1.fibromyalgia meme: fibromyalgia won't kill us. it just follows us around attacking us like wild dogs

Amanda Wagner


fibromyalgia meme: i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

3.fibromyalgia meme: invisible illnesses. learn about them. this is how i look. this is how i feel.

Robbye Olive

4.fibromyalgia meme: pain lets you know you are still alive. man, i feel so, so, so alive right now.

Crystal Rollosson

5.fibromyalgia meme: normal person's pain scale. spoonie's/chronically ill person's pain scale.

Abi Older

6.fibromyalgia meme: i don't always have the spoons to get anything done, but when i do i get everything done.

Cheryl Ledwidge

7.fibromyalgia meme: ever had that feeling where you just want to jump right out of bed? me neither.

Pam Jewell

8.fibromyalgia meme: and the award for acting normal when you have a crap load of pain goes to me!

Kalani J. Brickhouse

fibromyalgia meme: brain fog day to do list

Andrea Mohr Delaney

10.fibromyalgia meme: fibromyalgia. also known as 50 shades of fatigue.

Holly Hoffmeister Toulouse

11.god gives us only what we can handle. apparently god thinks i'm a bad ass.

Vivi Haugaard Betzer

12.fibromyalgia meme: i was trying to get outta bed but i got tired.

Connie Quatkemeyer

13.fibromyalgia meme: the worst feeling in the world is to be in so much pain and to have nobody know that you are even hurting.

Tiffany Carr

14.fibromyalgia meme: warning! i have fibromyalgia but if i hear one more person say 'but you don't look sick' i will not be responsible for my actions.


Donna Ingram Doyle

15.fibromyalgia meme: don't hug me too tightly! my fibromyalgia is flaring up, my meds are wearing off and i'm feeling a tad psychotic.

Kalani J. Brickhouse

16.fibromyalgia meme: fibromyalgia's a real pain my butt... head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, ribs, hips, back, legs, feet... and sometimes my hair hurts!

Connie Quatkemeyer

17.fibromyalgia meme: i'm not lazy, i am on energy saving mode.

Elizabeth Cortes

18.fibromyalgia meme: the faces of fibromyalgia

Jackie M. Williams

19.fibromyalgia meme: tell me one more time my pain can't be that bad

Sherry Wilson Edwards

20.fibromyalgia meme: i said i was awake, not functional

Leslie Jones

21.fibromyalgia meme: pain that makes you want to walk away from your body.

Amy Coyne

22.fibromyalgia meme: i lost my mind in the fibromyalgia fog bank off the coast of WTF happened to me island

KD Niles

23.fibromyalgia meme: my mind says 'get up' my body says 'bite me'

Leslie Jones

24.fibromyalgia meme: unless you have to rest in the shower, you have no idea what fatigue is

Chrystie Kilbourn-Terry

25.fibromyalgia meme: and here is a picture of the social life of someone with chronic pain. just fascinating, isn't it?

Kalani J. Brickhouse

26.fibromyalgia meme: yeah i'm gonna get stuff done today. fibromyalgia: nope.

Kalani J. Brickhouse

27.fibromyalgia meme: fybromyalgia definition

Anne Watercott Kotzenmacher

28.fibromyalgia meme: oh what's that you say? i don't look sick? well.. you don't look stupid but...

Michelle Nath

29.fibromyalgia meme: what my doctor thinks, what drug companies think i'm made of, how society sees me, how my boss sees me, wheat my friends think i've become, how i feel.

Robbye Olive

30.fibromyalgia meme: i battle fibro, what's your superpower?

Ellen Fraser-Wilson

31.fibromyalgia meme: keep calm and pretend your fibromyalgia magically disappeared... ha! didn't work did it?

Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

32.fibromyalgia meme: like having a hangover... only without the party.

Amy Coyne

33.fibromyalgia meme: fibro problems: feeling like you need to strip y our t-shirt off because it's putting too much pressure on your skin.

Angie Harper Hall

fibromyalgia meme: fibro tip: know your limits. recognize when your strength is fading and take a break before you hit the wall.

Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

35.fibromyalgia meme: warning! i'm a pain when i'm in pain.

Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

36.fibromyalgia meme: want to imagine what fibromyalgia is like? enjoy your symptoms.

Tammy Lynn Gowler

37.fibromyalgia meme: unless you have chronic pain, i suggest you shut your mouth before thinking of commenting on my coping mechanisms.

Sandra R Branson Orsi

38.fibromyalgia meme: F U, fibro... F U.

Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

39.fibromyalgia meme: when i'm feeling down and someone says 'suck it up' i get the urge to break their legs and say 'walk it off'

Michelle Nath


fibromyalgia meme: i'm pretty tough. but some days my body just says NOPE.Lynda Brumbeloe Jones

41.fibromyalgia meme: i've decided to take exercising more seriously. today i moved to the left. tomorrow, i go right.

Sue Klobertanz

42.fibromyalgia meme: this is bullshit.Reagan Wig Ely

43.fibromyalgia meme: please try to hide your surprise at my disease history and my age - I know i'm special, thanks for confirmation.

Kelly Miklethun-Shimp



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