Under the bearing of the Farm Field Manager, the Strawberry Picker is a section to full time position going on for the five weeks of strawberry season. Strawberries regularly age around June 5-tenth and proceed until the fourth of July. Picking by and large happens in the first part of the day to early evening, seven days every week. We are searching for individuals who need to buckle down, appreciate the organization of their kindred specialists, produce an advantageous item, appreciate the outside (no matter what), and commit their energies to the achievement of our motivation. Great specialists will end up in incredible organization.

In our every day work, we are:

  • Picking strawberries day by day for 4-8 hours in all climate.
  • Logging the yield and conveying berries to the Farm Stand.
  • Following every single set up method.
  • Keeping up our high reap quality desires.
  • Gather speed is significant and regularly moderate pickers will be dropped from the team.
  • Our optimal up-and-comer will have:
  • Readiness to work picking natural product for extensive stretches, while looking after quality.
  • Readiness to follow disinfection methods and wear clean work garments.
  • This position requires tolerance and hard work.

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